A Balloon Modeller’s Biggest Problem

I’m always complaining about people wanting a balloon after I am finished twisting. I usually start telling people I’m finishing when I still have an hour to go. I tell them my finish time every five minutes. With five minutes to go, I tell them every minute. I even tell them who I will get to and no-one after him will receive a balloon.
It makes no difference: Nobody leaves the queue. When I start to leave they’ll say, “You’re not going, are you? We’ve been here for two hours.
http://www.balloonchat.co.uk has many stories similar to mine. One balloon modeller wrote about his problems in his blog, which he asked others to copy. So here it is.
You can read the original at the link below, but it’s all here for you to read. If you have a similar problem, let me know at lowe.magic@virgin.net
Here’s the link…
And here’s the blog…
I’ll start this Blog with an apology… I’m sorry if it sounds like a moaning rant!
It’s often said that you don’t get something for nothing, 

but every once in a while it is possible to get something for free. 

And when this happens it is usually for a limited time, or for a limited number of people.

So how do you react if you are too late? Who do you blame? Do you wait, just in case? And if you still go away empty handed, is it their fault?

You might be wondering what this has to do with Children’s Birthday Parties.
Well, one of the services I offer is Balloon Modelling.
This can be at Birthday Parties, perhaps you would like to give the invited children something for free to take away with them. It works best when there are extra activities going on. Otherwise the children just spend their time in a queue!

However it is generally at Events, such as Village Fetes, School Fairs, Store Promotions or Shopping Centres. Most of the time, I receive a fee from the organiser and I make balloon models to give away for free. Sometimes, they’ll ask for a donation from the visitors which will help with their costs, but most of the time they are free.
And that is why I asked the previous questions.
If I’m at a Shopping Centre from 10.00 to 4.00, do you expect a free balloon at 4.10? 
If I’m making balloons for the invited children at a party, do you expect a balloon for their uninvited sibling?

It sounds silly doesn’t it, but how do you react when a shop is closed. 

If you go to a shop five minutes after it has closed, do you expect to be served? 

I’m guessing probably not, you accept that you were too late, but unfortunately people are not so understanding when it comes to balloon modelling (or for that matter, face painting).

I have recently been verbally attacked, because a visitor was too late for a balloon model. I was at an event for four hours, making models non-stop. But they arrived too late. My appearance times were clearly displayed. I advertised that a child was going to receive the last balloon of the day. 
But this was not acceptable – I got the blame.

“But what’s the harm in just one more?” You might be thinking. This is the most common question asked to balloon modellers and face painters, at the time of their finishing.

Firstly, it never is ‘Just one more’. Because if you do just one more, it wouldn’t be fair to not do another one more, and another and another. In my early days, I was at a school fete and at the finish time, I did ‘just one more’. I then found myself in a situation where I couldn’t say ‘No’. The whole fete had packed up, all the stalls were gone, only the caretaker was left and me making ‘just one more’! Also, when it has been announced that a certain person is the last in the queue, some people will take note and walk away. It isn’t fair on those people to make ‘just one more’ for a latecomer.
The idea of this Blog is not to have a rant and a moan, but to give advice.
So here it is…

If you hire a Balloon Modeller or Face Painter for your Child’s Birthday Party, be sure to book them for enough time for every child attending. Balloon modellers and Face painters would like five minutes per child, to allow for a quality balloon or face. And decide beforehand if you would like the children to receive one balloon each or as many as they can carry!
If you are organising an event and are booking a Balloon Modeller or Face painter, be sure to advertise their appearance times clearly, so there is no misunderstanding. And provide assistance if their finish time is earlier than then event’s closing.
If you are attending an event and see that there is 
Free Balloon Modelling or Face Painting – Don’t hang about and think ‘I’ll go to that later’… 

Get in the queue there and then. Because like the title says…



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