On being ambidextrous


A lot of top magicians are ambidextrous, like Paul Daniels and Juliana Chen.

I wasn’t born ambidextrous but, when I became a magician, I realised its advantages. Quite by accident, as it happens.
I perform two tricks using small, rubber balls. One ends with four balls, two red, one orange and one green, in my right jacket pocket. The other begins with 5 green balls in the same pocket. And they have to be palmed out one at a time, without anyone noticing.
When I practised the tricks individually there was no problem, but when I rehearsed them together, it became apparent that I couldn’t find the five green balls amongst the other four.
I should add that the trick using four balls is my opener. I have one in the pocket, two in the sleeves, and the other palmed in my right hand. So I couldn’t perform the tricks in reverse order.
The answer to my problem was simple; perform the second trick left-handed, then the five green balls would begin in my left pocket.
As it turned out, it was no problem. I began to think, what is the point of going through life with two hands if you ever only use one? So I started using my left hand more, making it much easier to perform left-handed. I would have left-handed days where I would use only my left hand; including getting shaved, and applying band aids left-handed.
The most difficult thing to do left-handed is brush my teeth; my right hand moves up and down as well!
The more you use your left hand, the stronger it gets and it quickly becomes more adept at actions. You’ll soon find you can do most tricks left or right-handed. Often you find it difficult to justify passing a coin, for instance, from one hand to the other in order to perform a false transfer but, if you are constantly changing hands during your act, there is no suspicion when you are ambidextrous.
Give it a try; it might come in handy.

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