Charlie’s Angels – A Card Trick

The idea behind this card trick is to substitute the four Queens for the more usual four Aces.

Charlie’s Angels used to catch criminals, so we are going to use the Queens to capture two selected cards. There were three Angels but, as there are four Queens, we are going to have four Angels, so let’s call them Ian’s Angels. If you aren’t lucky enough to be called Ian, substitute your own name.

Two cards are selected and moved to the top. Look through the cards and remove the four Queens. Sort them into pairs of the same colour; redheads and brunettes. As you do this get a little finger break beneath the top card, ie. one of the selections.

Pick up Samantha Spade (QS) and place her face-up on the face-down pack. You now have a break under two cards. Put  Cheryl Club on top of Sam Spade. take off the top three cards as two,  and thumb Cheryl back onto the deck. Place Sam on top. Squeeze the deck, then spread the top cards to show the brunettes have captured one card between them. Remove these cards, turning them over to reveal one selection between them.

As you place these cards down on the table, get a break under the second selection, which is the top card. Place Hilda Heart (QH) on top of the deck, then place Diane Diamond on her, both face up. Lift off the top three cards as two. Place the other cards on the table.

Thumb off Diane into your left hand, then square Hilda on top of her. You are holding face-up QH, face-down selection, face-up QD. Slide the bottom card out far enough for it to be seen, then square the cards. Turn them face-down and take them into your right hand. Slide the bottom card out about half an inch.

Riffle down the edge of the main pack, and push the two red Queens (really three cards) in to the centre. As you do so, spread the three cards, by pushing forward and right with your thumb. Pull the three cards out revealing that you have captured the second selection between the two Queens.

Add your own words. The selections are criminals; the Angels are detectives; the deck is a building – bank, hotel, whatever fits your story.


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