Three of Clubs

This is my take on Harry Lorayne’s trick Three For the Money, from his book Close-up Card Magic printed by Robbins E-Z Magic in 1976.
Note the bottom card; let’s say it’s the Ace of Spades (AS).
Have a card selected and remembered. Swing cut just less than half the cards into your left hand, then thumb over cards singly until you have half the deck in your left hand. The chosen card is returned to the top of the left hand cards, and you drop the right hand half on top of these. This puts the chosen card next to the AS.
Zarrow Shuffle and false cut to leave the cards as they were.
Explain this trick is called the Three of Clubs Trick. Did you select the 3C? If he answers Yes, that’s it! You have a miracle! But usually the answer is No. To which you say That’s okay. That’s not why it’s called the Three of Clubs Trick.
Spread the cards face-up on the table. You can spot the selection because it’s in the middle, one to the right of the AS. We’ll pretend it is the King of Hearts (KH). Look for the 3C and remove it.
Perform the Zarrow Shuffle and false cut again. Take the 3C and put it face-up into the face-down pack, as close to halfway as you can, saying as you do so, I’ll place the 3C somewhere near the centre.
Spread several of the cards to each side of the 3C with their backs towards the spectator to show him the 3C is in the centre. Of course, you can see the faces of these cards and you note the selection’s (KH) position in relation to the 3C.
Spread the cards face-down again and reveal the selection as follows:-
If it is next to the 3C, the 3C has found it.
If it is two away, point out you used the three because the selection is three away. Start counting on the 3C, ending on the selection. 1 (3C), 2 (X), 3 (KH)
Three away; begin your three count on the card next to the 3C. 1 (X), 2 (X), 3 (KH)
Four away; as for three away, but the selection is the next card. Count 1,2,3, and the next card is your selection.
Five away; spell Clubs, starting on the card next to the 3C,  saying I could have used any three, but I chose Clubs because, if I spell it, C,L,U,B,S, (turn over the card at S) we find your card.
Six away; as above but, after S, say and the next card is your selection.
Seven away; start on the 3C and count 1,2,3 then say The three is a Club, and spell C,L,U,B turning the card at B over.
Eight away; as above but spell CLUBS
Nine away; as above but say And the next card is your card.
Ten or more away; practise!
I find, most times, I put the 3C right next to the selection. It’s in the middle, so a bit of practise and you should be within one or two cards every time. You could be above or below the selection, so be sure you count from the 3C in the correct direction.
Make sure you don’t repeat the trick for the same audience, as you might have to reveal the selection in different ways each time.


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