Card on Ceiling

Card on Ceiling

Most magicians know the Card on Ceiling trick. That’s the one where a signed card, lost in the pack, ends up stuck on the ceiling, and, if you’re lucky, stays there while all the visitors to the venue ask, “What’s that card doing on the ceiling?” and the reply is, “We had a great magician here. Ian Lowe, his name was. He put it there.” They then go on to explain how he did it, hopefully exaggerating on the amount of skill that must have been involved. And there you are; free advertising.

Most magicians know Michael Ammar does this trick; often. He visited the Sistine Chapel once and thought about putting a card on God’s hand. Then he thought better of it.

The trick probably has its origins in an earlier effect where the magician would put a stamp on the ceiling. Lick the glued side of the stamp and place it, face down, on a coin. The coin should be slightly damp so the stamp will adhere to it temporarily. You don’t want it slipping off when the coin is thrown in the air. Obviously, the coin needs to be bigger than the stamp.

The coin is balanced on your middle finger, stamp side up, and held by thumb and forefinger. Throw the coin so it remains flat, giving it a spin with the forefinger, and making sure it has enough force to hit the ceiling quite hard. The coin falls back down while the stamp remains stuck to the ceiling.

People will ask, “What’s that stamp doing on the ceiling?” and the reply will be, “We had a great magician here. Ian Lowe his name was…” etc..


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