Take a Card


 “Take a card.”


Three little words that can make a magician’s wife cringe.


And not only his wife. As an opening line for your show, it leaves a lot to be desired. To start with, you’ve only spoken three words and already your audience knows what is going to happen. They’ll take a card, and you’ll find it.


So, what can you do to be different?


Perhaps a spectator can merely think of a card. Instead of you finding her card, another spectator does. Don’t ask me how you do it. There are many ways and, if you are a card man, you’ll know some.


The important thing is to get away from the Take a Card mentality.


If you can think of a way to perform the above trick send me an email at lowe.magic@virgin.net and I’ll put the best ideas in a future blog.



One Response to “Take a Card”

  1. ebay sniper Says:

    ebay sniper…

    I came across your site while searching google for just this topic! Your views are interesting and well thought out….

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